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Can I travel with a baby in Costa Rica?

Can I travel with a baby in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a country of friendly people who will smile at each corner and greet everyone; Another good reason why you can travel to Costa Rica with your family is that Costa Ricans love kids and spending time with them. Locals are sure to make you feel at home.
Some companies offer babysitting service that can look after their children while their parents and older children want to do activities that babies cannot(like canopy tours and white water rafting). If parents decide to travel with our company and want this service, you may contact us by email:
Jose  Ugalde private tour guide,Costa Rica
Jose guide with his little friend in arenal Volcano.

Ready for a trip to Costa Rica with kids? Pura Vida! Good for you :) Here is a list of things you should bring when traveling here with a baby.

Packing list for a baby:

Diapers- extras in case of emergencies or delays
Wet wipes
Changing mat to put under your child during diaper changes- You can buy disposable changers in supermarkets or reusable changers in stores
Small Blanket- convenient, for shade and as a shelter
Plastic bags- variety of functions: store dirty diapers, clothes, and shoes
Bottles of hand sanitizer and toiletries
Toys and books- including your child's favorite, and several new toys to surprise along the route, ideally, bring sturdy toys that do not have small parts to lose
Your child’s favorite stuffed animal or blanket
Clothing, socks, and shoes- One or two sets per day is a good guideline and denim and dark colors are excellent to hide dirt and stains. Be prepared for weather changes by having clothing for layering
Swimwear-Lightweight and easy to pack, and you never know when you will want it
Washable bibs
Hat and sunscreen
Sippy cups, water bottles, or bottles-encourage your child to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration, especially when traveling by plane.
Plastic tableware/ kid utensils
Snacks-do not forget snacks for yourself too
Nightlight(If your child uses one)
First aid kit- including analgesics
Detergent for hand washing dirty laundry
Socket protectors- to childproof rooms where you will stay with kids
Portable crib or playpen- unless your baby sleep with you, or you have arranged to have a crib in your destination
Car seat for travel by car or plane.
collapsible stroller- You can check it or store it in the overhead compartment of your airplane

Packing Tips
Start preparing your suitcase a few days before your trip. Keep a list of things to bring, or put the items out on a table as you remember them.
Use a diaper with waterproof lining.
Pack an extra blouse for you in your hand luggage, just in case.
Prevent spills by packing medicines and cleaning supplies in resealable plastic bags.
Keep clothes games your toddler together within a single suitcase to find them easily.
Take your camera and do not forget the battery charger or extra batteries if it is digital, or film rolls if it is not.

Possibly bring a light that attaches to books to read at night without disturbing your child.

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